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5/19/2016 Chamber News
Make the Most of Chamber Networking Events

The Temple Chamber’s Business Networking Breakfast, Business Link Lunch and Business After Hours are events established as prime networking opportunities. Networking is about building your contact base, building relationships and should be viewed as a long-term strategy not a short-term sales pitch.

Here are a few tips to refine your Networking skills:
•Don’t be shy; it’s a business event so others will be open to you introducing yourself
•Sharpen up your conversational and listening skills
•Ask open ended questions Who, What, Where, When, Why, How, Which, then listen
•Network with a view to building relationships
•Tell people about yourself in a powerful, positive and persuasive way, saying who you are and how you can help people in business
•Plan your networking and work your plan
•Make business friends, and keep an open mind to helping them
•Word of mouth is a powerful medium and your business contacts are more likely to remember you when an opportunity comes along, if you are clear about your business benefits
•Do your research - who is likely to be there and what do you wish to achieve?
•Be prepared to give away free information, and share your experience
•Introduce people to one another
•Follow up, take business cards and write follow up emails reinforcing your verbal message

The Temple Chamber holds events with different interesting sponsors throughout the year, providing the perfect platform for members to meet one another, build networks of business contacts to keep Temple’s business community charging forward.